Qualification of ESD Control Items

Independent Laboratory Evaluations

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Conductive and Dissipative Thermoplastic Compounds 

Test methods: IEC 61340-2-3:2016 (CRE), SRB, 

                          EN ISO 3915:1999 for Conductive Thermoplastic Compounds.

Criteria: IEC 61340-5-3:2015.

Qualification data (Name and type of the qualified item, identification, and technical report):

PRE-ELEC® PP 1351 Dissipative Thermoplastic Compound, C593/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019,

PRE-ELEC® PP 1370 Conductive Thermoplastic Compound, C594/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019,

PRE-ELEC® PP 1393 Moplen EP340K Dissipative Thermoplastic Compound, C595/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019,

PRE-ELEC® PS 1328 Conductive Thermoplastic Compound, C596/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019,

PRE-ELEC® TP 15392 Moplen EP340K Dissipative Thermoplastic Compound, C597/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019,

PRE-ELEC® TP 15950 Edistir R 850E Conductive Thermoplastic Compound, C598/2018 v1.2-2.3.2019.