Qualification of ESD Control Items

Independent Laboratory Evaluations

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Test methods: IEC 61340-4-3:2001, ANSI/ESD STM9.1-2014.

Criteria: IEC 61340-5-1:2016.

Qualification data (Name and type of the qualified item, identification, and technical report):

Air Galaxy 1 S1 Footwear, 43-52520-182-92M, C524/2017 v1.0-12.4.2017,

Alfa S2 Footwear, 44-52203-143-OPM, C783/2022 v1.1-24.3.2022,

ALASKA + S3 HRO Footwear, 48-52419-392-08M, C586/2018 v1.0-19.11.2018,

ALASKA XL + S3HRO Footwear, 48-52419-393-08M, C587/2018 v1.0-19.11.2018,

ALASKA ROLLER + S3 Footwear, 48-52433-372-25M, C777/2022 v1.1-24.2.2022,

ALASKA TRX + S3 Footwear, 48-52432-172/173-25M, C777/2022 v1.1-24.2.2022,

AL HIT 6 XL + S3 HRO Footwear, 48-52459-373-0PM, C777/2022 v1.1-24.2.2022,

File Black Footwear, 50-12327-503-OPM, C499/2017 v1.0-14.1.2017,

Fly Black Footwear, 35-12196-482-91M, 37-12196-483-91M, C783/2022 v1.1-24.3.2022,

Ion Black Footwear, 28-12154-282-99H, C497/2017 v1.0-12.1.2017,

Jive Soft Footwear, C504/2017 v1.0-16.1.2017,

Lisa Footwear, 11-12166-432-45M, C554/2018 v1.0-23.2.2018,

Micro Footwear, 24-12122-242-0PM, 24-12122-243-0PM, C621/2019 v1.0-20.4.2019,

Monica Black Footwear, 21-12215-222-07M, C555/2018 v1.0-23.2.2018,

RACER FREE TR ROLLER Footwear, 44-52363-333-93M, C765/2021 v1.0-4.12.2021,

RACER TR S2 Footwear, 44-52342-133-93M, C765/2021 v1.0-4.12.2021,

RACER TR Roller S3 Footwear, 44-52343-332-93M, C765/2021 v1.0-4.12.2021,

RIFF SBAE Footwear, 50-52933-502-OPM, 50-52933-503-OPM, C782/2022 v1.0-18.3.2022

Rom Footwear, 29-12155-293-99H, C498/2017 v1.0-14.1.2017,

SieviAir Roller XLS1 Footwear, 49-52524-183-92M, C522/2017 v1.0-12.4.2017,

STORM XL + S3 Footwear, 49-52782-153-0PM, C588/2018 v1.0-19.11.2018,

Street Footwear, 38-12194-463-45M, C511/2017 v1.0-1.2.2017,

Viper Roller + S3 Footwear, 43-52125-313-92M, C523/2017 v1.0-12.4.2017.